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Exploring Cornwall's Coast

Friday, December 16, 2011 has the honour of possessing more coast than any other English county. Combine this with its south-westerly location in the UK and you have an area that's the perfect location for tourists to venture and explore, meandering the length and breadth of the county along the winding, rising, falling coast.

What is it that people find along these coasts though? The most obvious things which people manage to stumble upon, or find out about and pointedly visit, are the beaches that lie along the Cornish coast. Whether you prefer sandy, sloping beaches that stretch for miles or rocky, steep beaches which the changing tide only adds or removes a few metres from, Cornwall will have something for you. Sandymouth is a great example of Cornwall's rockier beaches and includes everything you'd imagine one having, including rock pools and tall, sheer cliffs above it. The beaches around Bude are a much better option for those looking for somewhere sandy to play though.

There are also the multitude of cliff walks to explore, especially those around the Lizard and Land's End. It's best to do a bit of research before heading out on one of these to find out exactly what you're in for and approximately how long you'll be on the trail for. Younger members of the family could easily get bored on longer trips, or not be able to manage some of the more demanding routes. course, by foot is not the only way to explore the coasts of Cornwall. There are plenty of other activities to engage in during your travels and plenty of companies that will allow you to do it. Have you ever wanted to ride along a beach on horseback? There are plenty of stables within easy reach of snme of Cornwall's beaches that allow you to do just that. You could also choose to head out to sea in a boat on a fishing or sight seeing trip, or even take control of your nautical process yourself by commandeering a kayak and heading off around the cliffs that drop straight into the sea. If you choose to do this you'll want to make sure you have somebody experienced along for the trip, whether that's you or somebody else.