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Xel-Ha Eco Park - The World's Most Beautiful Natural Aquarium

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 approximately 30 miles south of Playa del Carmen and 8 miles away from the Tulum ruins you will discover Mexico's Eden. Xel-Ha Ecological Water Park is literally a natural aquarium. Layers of limestone in the Yucatan peninsula are home to massive underground rivers that carry water from the interior to the Caribbean sea. Xel-Ha just happens to be the confluence of several underground rivers flowing toward the sea.

There are many things to do and see at this park. The main attractions of course are water activities. The lagoon provides a beautiful place to interact with sea creatures. This is one of the prettiest spots for snorkeling along the Rivera Maya. Because Xel-Ha provides food for the fish, there are always many species in the area for spectacular viewing. In fact, for a small fee you may also feed the fish.

The lagoon is also a great place to try SNUBA. This activity is a cross between snorkeling and SCUBA, and does not require special certification. In fact, this is an activity the whole family can enjoy together. The younger members of the family can be attached to the same oxygen lines at the older members so you can all stay together.

For the more adventurous, Xel-Ha allows visitors to swim with dolphins or manatees. You can also take a walk along the sea floor in the Sea Trek. For this activity you'll wear a helmet that provides oxygen for you to breathe and serves as your window to the aquatic wonders under the sea.

You will find exciting adventures awaiting you on land as well. Walk through the jungle following the Path of Consciousness. Enjoy the lovely flora and fauna as you go. Ride along the bicycle path that winds through the jungle for 1 kilometer while trying to spot wildlife that come to feast at strategically placed feeders along the path. Test your skills of balance as you cross the floating bridge. Try your hand at crossing the Trepachange; a 50 foot bridge consisting of two parallel ropes that hover over the river below. Relax to the sound of water and birds deep in the jungle as you enjoy the luxury of a massage at Xpa. Shop and dine in style in the Xel-Ha village. visiting Xel-Ha take the time to explore Cenotes and caves. You will find fossils embedded in the walls of El Dorado Cavern or you can swim in the calm waters of Mayan Cave. Ixchel's Gulf is an intimate fresh water swimming hole along the river path. And of course you can snorkel, swim and tube down the mangrove lined river. The more adventurous can dive off the Cliffs of Courage into the river below.

Come spend the day at Xel-Ha, or if you prefer, to a combined tour which allows you to spend half a day at Tulum and half at Xel-Ha. Remember that this is an ecological water park, and only 100% biodegradable non chemical sunscreen is allowed.