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Traveling Safely - World's Most Dangerous Countries

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 to some exotic destinations is always an adventurous activity. But if you are a bone adventurist and passionate to encounter unbelievable attractions, horrifying experiences and intentionally put yourself in dangerous situations, here are some dangerous countries in the list. Somalia, Haiti, Iraq, Afghanistan are some of the countries holding the title as the world's most dangerous countries to travel over decades.

Somalia holds top slot in the world's most dangerous country for years. Its history is filled with nothing but terrorism, chaos, rebel movements etc. Piracy is just one of the main hazards here. Armed people kidnapping with the purpose of ransom are the main threats awaiting tourists in Somalia. Though there are different beautiful regions, a traveler will have a tough time to explore them. It is also risky to travel with escorted guards. The country is suffering from draught and poverty. Somalia's coast is probably the most famous for pirates, who operate up to 600 km into the ocean from any point of Somalia.

Haiti, a Caribbean country also experiences a high level of threat to tourist visiting here. Though the country's natural beauty and landscapes attract the tourists spirit, the place is known for kidnapping, political instability, epidemic diseases and poor infrastructure. The country is factually controlled by criminals and nothing can guarantee the safety for visitors and even residents. Since the security conditions remain fragile, visitors should be aware of the uncertain situations. The country is geographically also inconsistent. The recently hit deadly earthquake destroyed the country's infrastructure to a large extend.

Afghanistan also poses extreme threat to travelers. Terrorism and suicide bombings are frequent in most parts of the country. Violence by extremists like Taliban and Al Qaeda continues to affect the region very badly. These terrorist groups are spreading their terrorism to other countries also. The country is ranked to be the most dangerous region for women travelers. The crime and violence rate reporting from the country itself reveals how risky the place is to visit. US FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) warned tourists to avoid traveling in Afghanistan due to lack of infrastructure, landmines, armed rivalry, banditry etc. The country remains to have an unpredictable and an unstable environment.

Despite its breathtaking natural wonders and beautiful sceneries certain countries like Zimbabwe and Brazil are high volatile regions due to increased rates of crime and unexpected happenings. So it is always good to stick to better resorts and stay close to the hotels while you are holidaying. Even with its high violence and criminal activities these places still remain the best places to visit. countries issues are based on criminal rate, security services, civil disorders, terrorism, and geographical stability. Tourists are recommended to be accompanied by professional bodyguards or guides while visiting these risk profile countries or avoid visiting unless you have a very important business here. Visitors should travel with enough travel, life and kidnap insurance to meet the unavoidable situations. Holidaying or traveling at some of the dangerous countries can be something, which one might not have experienced in lifetime. So it is always better to avoid traveling in such dangerous countries that could easily pose a threat to a traveler.