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Exploring Wildlife Tour In Ranthambore

Monday, July 16, 2012 is also renowned as the popular heritage site because of the picturesque ruins that dot the wildlife park. It is the only forest reserve in Rajasthan and in the entire Aravalli ranges where wild Bengal Tigers still exists. Six manmade lakes are the central focus of the park and many perennial streams meander through the park. Covered with dense forest, Ranthambore National Park has always been a favorite of adventure seekers. Rajasthan state is blessed to have such a unique treasure of nature's best.

Ranthambore Tours also includes some of the famous lakes in the area, that attracts the tiger population, such as, Padam Talab, Raj Bagh Talab, Malik Talab. Old collapsed walls, ancient awnings, wells and other antiquated structures stand witness to the region's glorious past. Ranthambore hotels facilitate guests to explore the wildlife in the best possible manner. Since they are located in the close vicinity, one can feel enthusiastically near the animals and definitely feel one with nature. They are several luxurious hotels that can offer you a relax stay. The tigers can be spotted quite often even during the day, at the normal pursuits; hunting and taking care of the young ones.
Visitors from all over the world especially come to Ranthambore to luxuriate the jeep safaris along with their family and friends to catch a descry of various wildlife creatures like Jackals, Tigers, Indian Pythons, Rat snakes, Crocodile, Tortoise and Desert Monitor Lizards. Besides being a habitat to the land creatures and amphibians, it is also a home to many beautiful and rare birds due to its numerous water bodies and terrain. One more thing that makes this trip to Ranthambore memorable is the Hot Air Ballooning. This adventure sport fulfilled human being's desire to fly without any effort.