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Lizard Care 101: The Basics About Lizard Pet Care

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 an exotic pet is one thing, but having a lizard for a pet is another. Lizards are complex creatures and certain procedures must be observed. It's not like other reptiles that you can just leave and feed for another week, lizards are far more than that. These are sensitive and delicate creatures and they need special attention. If properly cared for, they make excellent pets.

Take note that there are different types of lizards; hence each lizard has specific needs. For amateur pet owners, you can start with common species such as Blue Tongued skinks, Barded dragon, Anoles and Leopard Geckos. Here are a few tips that might help you develop your lizard pet care skills.

Having a comfortable and clean cage is important for lizards. You must consider security, heating, space, humidity and lighting. Make sure that the area is big enough for it to move around and stretch its legs. Of course, make sure that it is also escape proof, lizards are notoriously fast and slick runner, catching them might be a challenge. For your sake, make sure it's easy enough to open and clean. Cleaning should be made more often and ensure your pet's lifespan. Healthy living starts with living clean. After all, who would want to live in a filthy place? Keeping your pet's quarters clean can assure you that he will live longer as one would expect. note that in lizard pet care, different species have different needs. There are lizards that only eat vegetables while there are those who eat insects like crickets and mealworms. It is advised to feed them with calcium or vitamin coated insects to ensure their dietary needs. For vegetarian lizards, you can feed them feed them with green leafy vegetab
les, green beans, snap peas, and fruits. Make sure what you serve them is fresh or else they wouldn't eat it at all. Never keep your lizard hungry since it has no other source of food.

This is where lizard pet care gets serious. Maintenance is the key in keeping your lizard healthy. Make sure that your pet lizard is kept hydrated by serving hit enough water and checking its food bowl from time to time. It must never be empty. Change the water in the water bowl and make sure that it's always fresh. Clean your pet's cage twice a week. It is not advisable to hold your pet by the tail or else it will easily fall off.