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Observe the conduct exhibited by bearded dragonObserve the conduct exhibited by bearded dragon

Monday, July 16, 2012 is believed that bearded lizards or dragons communicate through their body language. These incorporate special movements that are essential in relaying message to other lizards, dragons or predators. Reptiles and dragons have few activities in common and are essential in displaying certain characteristics. General behavior of bearded lizard is same in both wild and custody. Thus, it is must to learn about the behavior so that you can take proper care of it.
Apart from other reptiles, male and female bearded dragon also has common behavior, and this general conduct is inflating of dragon’s beard. This conduct of inflation could be observed when the dragons are about to mate or when they become belligerent. An inflated beard is more popular among the men, though one cannot deny that it is not at all viewed among the female dragons. If you ever notice that while the dragon is inflating and correspondingly opens his mouth, it can be said that the lizard is getting violent.
Adding to inflating, head bobbing is one more behavior seen in both female and male drags. When a male dragon is bobbing his head, it is said he is doing so to show his supremacy, or boasting masculinity to other dragons. It is generally done in order to make an attempt to appear the masculine and supreme to others. Apart from this, when a male dragon is showing courtship to female dragon, then also head bobbing can be observed.
Then comes into the picture, arm waving. It is generally the sign of obedience in order to dominant dragon. The male and female dragons that are less governing, wave their arms to the dominant reptiles in order to show that they are more subservient. When a female waves arm, it is normally while breeding when it refuses to the courtship of a male bearded lizard.
If you have pet i.e. bearded lizard then you must have seen it curbing its tale. A dragon curbs its tail when it is trying to bend his body and touching the body or head. Tail decrease is a symbol that the bearded dragon is conscientious; it is an imperative signal to prove that your reptile is hale and hearty.
Apart from the above stated there are some common activities too namely sun bathing and perching. It is believed that a bearded dragon sun bathe during the day time. And, this depicts that the dragon is seeking warmth and is busy in normal activities. While one of the dragons is perching, it tends to find a position off the ground to dwell in. Higher the dragon perches more are the chances that it’ll be more dominating. They may perch on tree limbs or rocks. While one is keeping a pet, make sure you give the suitable perching area and even provide a place where he can take sun bath.
Thus, in order to ensure that your pet is hale and hearty it is the duty of the owner to check for the behavior. If you acknowledge any of the changes then for sure there is some or the other problem.