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Touring a Natural Jewel - Shimla, India

Monday, July 16, 2012 are places that are made to look beautiful, while there are other places that just are. These are what should be considered natural jewels, and should be developed very carefully. If one would need an example of such a place, then he or she would simply have to travel to Shimla, India, the hill station and capital of Himachal Pradesh. Considered to be a self sufficient area, Shimla tourism still contributes a lot to the economic stability of the place. When you witness its beauty, you will know why.

So many Shimla tour packages are offered through travel agencies, but the reality is that one can enjoy Shimla even without a planned itinerary. All that one needs to do at the start of the trip is to go to Scandal Point, which is a large, open square that provides a clear view of the whole town. From there, one can pick out a site to visit and then walk to the area. Walking would be an essential part of a Shimla tour because this is the only real way to soak up the beauty of the place.

Shimla tours will always have a trip via the Kalka-Shimla railway. This is an extremely old railway that is still operational as it has been granted world heritage status by UNESCO. The lines and the trains are still in its original state, which would make the five-to-six hour ride a long and sometimes painful one. The views from the train windows make up for the pain though, as one would not see the beautiful mixture of greenery and ancient architecture anywhere else in the world.

Reserve an afternoon of your Shimla tour for a visit to the mall road, which is really just one long road filled with stalls that sell everything from clothing to brick-a-brack to local delicacies that would surely blow you away. Being a tourist attraction, one would expect items to come at a higher-than-normal price. Before visiting, ask a local for the basic words that may be used for bartering with the shop keepers. A lot of people find the bartering a lot more fun as compared to the shopping itself. Even without the shopping though, the mall road is an excellent place for simply sitting down and watching the local scenery.
Any area in India will always have a place that would enhance one's spirituality. Most Shimla tour packages would contain a trip to Jakhu Temple, which is located at Shimla's highest peak. Hikers would enjoy the steep trip up the slope of the mountain to reach the temple, and the view at the temple would be more than a sufficient reward for the energy spent traveling to the peak.

The area is beautiful, and the temperature is superb. If you would love to take an adventure on your own, then pick a date, travel to Shimla and just explore the city. If you desire to take a guided tour, then book a Shimla Tour Package and make the most out of the naturally beautiful city that is Shimla.