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Thursday, November 29, 2012

I must begin with an apology for the photo quality: appropriate to the title of the 'Ditsy Dress' awarded to the beautiful Dahlia dress I donned today, I drove completely out of my way on a tight schedule to take photos only to discover that I had forgot to charge my DSLR camera battery. Luckily, my Iphone was there so that I could make the trip still worthwhile. 

With my pale, vampire-esque skin and blonde hair, I usually resist the urge to buy yellow dresses as they wash me out eminently. However, with its bold mustard base colour, adorable blend of tiny floral bouquets and spots and girly drop-waist frills, I could not resist this Dahlia dress. Drawing on the help of Mr. Black, I was able to establish the contrast necessary to prevent the dress washing me out completely without needing to dye my hair brown or bathe my skin in tanning lotion.  So to any blonde ladies out there, also avoiding yellow dresses, don't, just add some black accessories :)