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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

During my last 24 hours in Europe, as I paid a final visit to all of my favourite little spots in Paris and London, every thing made me cry as I knew how far away I was soon going to be from it all. Simple things like catching the London underground or people (and dog) watching in parks have me more nostalgic then ever since arriving back home. 

I spent my last night in Europe split between Paris and London. I took in the views from Montmarte and enjoyed a crêpe from my favourite Parienne crêperie alongside the Eiffel Tower before catching the Eurostar to London, where purely walking the streets brings the dumbest smile to my face. For such a special night, I was delighted to finally get a chance to pull out this Zimmermann number that I had stored away in my suitcase. The 100% silk fabric and perfectly tucked draping made me feel as specially dressed as I felt the evening was special to me. I really cannot wait to catch up on all of my university workload so that I can share my photo diaries from all my cities and reminisce with you.