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Hobart, Australia: Seal spotting along the Tasman Peninsula

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

 Just look at that face. Can you honestly say that that face does not make you want to take whatever means necessary to get face to face to it and hug it in the most lovable way possible? I bet not. Well lucky for you, although you may not be able to hug said seal, here's how you can get the opportunity to see such an adorable seal sunbathe, slip and slide through the waters along the Tasman peninsula (and perhaps a dolphin or two as well!)

Tasman Island Cruises provide a 3-hour wilderness cruise that picks you up and drops you off at the Hobart waterfront. You can also add on a visit to Port Arthur historic site (which I HIGHLY recommend) or a visit to the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park (which I hear great things about but am yet to experience first hand). The tour departs from the Pennicott Wilderness Journeys office at Franklin Wharf, so any hotel in the CBD is an easy walk. After a 1.5 hour journey you arrive at the edge of the Tasman Peninsula where you are transferred onto custom-built yellow boats. Be sure to grab a seat on the edge of the rows as there are a number of picturesque stops where you can get out of your seat and see the wildlife and rock formations close up, so if you are unfortunate like me to be sitting in the middle of a row you will have to keep pestering the person on the edge to stand up to let you out because trust me you are going to want to stand up at these stops. Although the guides have ginger tablets on hand for everyone, if you're prone to sea sickness you may want to pick up your own treatment beforehand as the seas are known to be choppy (on the return trip we found ourselves braving monster swells!) Don't be scared off however, the boats are custom built for this and will keep you safe and comfortable the whole time. 

Hopefully someday soon I can return to the southern shore and try out the Bruny Island cruise run by the same company. Let me know if you make it there to try it out first. :)

(N.B: People actually rock-climb up the totem pole below!)