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10 Inspirational Quotes to Travel by

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Words are not bound by their pronunciation or literation, but have an infinite ability to provoke emotions and understanding. Even foreign words which have no literal meaning to you can provoke a certain and sometimes powerful emotional response. When i'm traveling quotes stored in my travel journal often turn into my best friend, as I find myself in situations in which I need inspiration to do something that scares and/or challenges me, or rather to remind me not to take the people or places around me for granted. Today, I thought i'd share with you 10 quotes from my travel journal that I hope will both inspire you to jump on that plane and go see the world, and to make the most of the people, places and things that you encounter when you get there.

Feel free to share your favourite travel quotes in the comments section below or on instagram with the hashtag #thisisyugen as I'm always looking for new quotes to fill my journal up with.