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Photo Diary: A visit to the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Thursday, September 10, 2015

... it was then that I realised that there was no truth in the saying "been there; done that".

When the number of cities you wish to visit is larger than the number of days you have to visit them, it's often too easy to ignore those of which you have already visited. My advice - DON'T. Instead, treat the place like a long-distance friend who you are lucky enough to spend those extra precious and unique moments with. You wouldn't not see a friend just because you've seen them before would you?

All too often I myself fall into this habit. Luckily for me, I did not forget my old friend Mr. Hagia Sophia. In the two years between hangouts, I had changed everything from my career to my hair colour and although the monument itself hadn't changed I found that the way I saw it - the way I experienced it - definitely had. I was ready to catch up with my new/old friend. I was ready to realise that his eyes were bluey-green and not hazel; to read the sticky notes scattered in the books he'd been reading; to look out at the world through his eyes; to embrace everything he had to offer me.

(Incase you were wondering what I was actually looking at out the window ;P)