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Photo Diary: Sunset at the Blue Lagoon

Friday, October 16, 2015

Sunset at the Blue Lagoon Iceland
I refuse to believe that the staff of Icelandic air are not actually aliens in disguise, and their supposed airplanes not UFOs transporting us to another world. My proof? Among a plethora of other otherworldly occurrences about the northern continent (re: the Aurora Borealis, the endless sea of volcanoes and glaciers, etc), all the proof one needs can be garnered from experiencing the geothermal wonderland of the Blue Lagoon at sundown. From the changing shades of the sky to every colour of the rainbow as the suns visible light rays scatter at deepening angles, to the fiery red backdrop set behind a landscape of volcanoes providing the illusion of a fiery eruption, the experience of sundown at the Blue Lagoon has just got to be an otherworldly one.

Of course if you can't fit in a sunset trip, the lagoon is worth visiting anytime of day for a truly relaxing experience. Some even claim the lagoon to have healing properties due to its constant temperature of ~37°C and rich mineral content provided by the underground geological layers being pushed up to the surface by the hot water used by the nearby geothermal plant. Whether the deeps of winter or the highs of summer, the Blue Lagoon is waiting for you, softly whispering in the arctic Icelandic breeze 'Come on in, the water's fine'.

How to get here
The easiest way to get the Lagoon from both Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik city is via the shuttle service operated by Reykjavik Excursions. The shuttle will pick you up from your hotel and transport you to directly to the lagoon and vice versa, with shuttles departing every hour. The journey takes ~ 50 minutes from the city and ~20 minutes from Keflavik, and if the beautiful Icelandic landscapes out your window aren't enough to entertain for the entirety of this journey, the buses are all equipped with WIFI.

* As above, if you have the choice plan to arrive to the lagoon at least an hour before sundown to make sure that you don't miss the show.
* Although great for your skin, the rich mineral content of the water is very VERY bad for your hair. So if you have long hair make sure to pre-lather your hair with conditioner (there's plenty provided in the showers before your enter the lagoon) and tie it up in a bun as high as you can.
*Allow at least 2 hours at the lagoon - trust me you won't get bored.

P.s. Excuse the quality of some of these photos, which due to me being too scared to take my DSLR to the lagoon are instead drawn from my iPhone/cheap underwater camera.

Sunset at the Blue Lagoon IcelandSunset at the Blue Lagoon IcelandSunset at the Blue Lagoon at Reykjavik IcelandSunset and Volcanoes in Reykjavik Iceland