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10 Best Places to Honeymoon in Indonesia

Monday, February 15, 2016

No need to go far away to foreign countries, Indonesia has all the requirements to become a perfect honeymoon. Of Raja Ampat to Yogyakarta, there are 10 places to honeymoon in Indonesia.
Indonesia has all the requirements to become a best honeymoon. There is a tempting blue ocean, a beautiful city, so its pretty quiet lake. Compiled following detikTravel tebraik 10 honeymoon destinations in Indonesia:

1. Raja Ampat, West Papua
Not just a haven for divers, Raja Ampat is also a paradise for newlyweds. Underwater beauty, coral reefs, and beaches, will supplement the special time to spend your honeymoon.
Located in West Papua, Raja Ampat beauty has been known to foreign countries. There are hundreds of species of coral and beautiful marine fish species in its waters. On the beach every small islands, white sand seductive. For newlyweds, enjoying Raja Ampat is a dream honeymoon. You as a honeymoon in paradise!
Inn or resort most famous in Raja Ampat is Missol Eco resort. With millions of rupiah per night rate, you can relax with a blue ocean in front of you. Clear sea water with ornamental fish and corals are so clearly visible beneath you. It feels so perfect to spend time at this place with loved ones.

2. Bukittinggi, West Sumatra
Buktitinggi does have cold air and cool. In the daytime, you will not feel hot in the city. Although already crowded vehicle, the atmosphere was calm and not chaotic. This is the appeal of New York City to become reference your honeymoon.

Some of the attractions you can visit with your partner. There Sianok canyon, Clock Tower, up to Hole Japan. You can rent a buggy, traditional vehicles like wagon, to surround the city. Do not forget to take pictures with, because the scenery is very beautiful.

To stay, there are plenty of five-star hotels around the Clock Tower. Koceknya started from Rp 200 thousand to millions of rupiah per night. Atmosphere and air in London, became the main treat for the newlyweds.

3. Makassar, South Sulawesi
Makassar was fit to be a honeymoon the newlyweds. There treats natural form undersea riches, to the culinary variety that you can enjoy as a couple in there.
Makassar is never quiet visited by the tourists, not to mention the newlyweds. As the capital of South Sulawesi province, there are many choices of places to stay ranging from grade to grade jasmine star.
For the matter of travel, Makassar has several places of interest. You can explore the underwater world in Samalona Island, enjoy the sunset at Losari, feel the cool Malino, or visit the historic fort Fort Rotterdam. Do not forget to taste the delicious typical cuisine Makassar as a couple.

4. Yogyakarta
Not only backpacker, newlyweds can spend a honeymoon period in the city of Gudeg. Yogyakarta has many attractions and a wide range of attractions, as well as the variety of the Inn.
Yogyakarta really perfect as a honeymooning couple. In the city, there Malioboro filled with diverse culinary variety and souvenir sellers. You can spend time with your partner in this famous Malioboro while accompanied by a distinctive atmosphere. In addition, other attractions for you to explore with your partner, among others Taman Sari, Istana Ratu Boko Temple, Prambanan Temple, a wide variety of tourist villages, up to Parangtritis and Beach in Gunung Kidul.
In the city center there is a wide variety of accommodation ranging from backpacker to class five-star hotel will be easily found. VisitYogyakarta couple will feel very pleasant. Do not forget to watch the show Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan, is the love story of Rama and Shinta.

5. Ubud, Bali
Each traveler, would agree if Ubud used as a destination for honeymoon. If Kuta is the party of young people full of frenetic, then Ubud is a place full of tranquility. No bikini-clad women or young child who was carrying a bottle of beer, in Ubud there are only green fields and forests and a quiet atmosphere.
That is what makes Ubud as the perfect place for honeymooners. In addition to the atmosphere, there are also the attractions of interest to visit. Objects include Elephant Cave, a wide variety of themed art museum, Sukawati, and much more.
To stay overnight, there are many hotels and resorts are ready to pamper you as a couple. Overnight in Ubud would be a sensation not to be forgotten, the atmosphere will warm up your romance with your partner.

6. Nanggu Gili, Lombok
Want to feel honeymoon with white sand? Just come to Gili Nanggu in Lombok. This small island is located in West Lombok, or about 1 hours drive to the south of Sheet Harbour. Here there is a bright blue sky, white sandy beaches, and the sea turquoise.
Gili Nanggu there was only one venue, namely Gili Nanggu Cottage. Uniquely, this traditional-style cottage complete with thatched roof. However, not a few newlyweds stay at this place and the experience unforgettable.
In the afternoon, you can snorkeling and playing in the white sand. Wait at dusk, sunsetnya will be a sweet dessert while you enjoy the atmosphere of the beach with friends.

7. Lake Toba, North Sumatra 
In North Sumatra, there are stretches of beautiful Lake Toba. This natural beauty can be the honeymoon destination of your next destination. The charm of the lake will fill the beautiful days you both.
Nan quiet expanse of blue water with a green landscape around it will be calming view. Wading Lake Toba couple by boat, will be an unforgettable experience. In the middle of the lake, there is Samosir Island are typical Batak culture.
Around the lake there are many inns that you can occupy. Stay overnight with friends there and feel the beauty of Lake Toba each time.

8. Kampung Sampireun, Garut
Sampireun village in Garut, is a resort located on the lake with a thick Sundanese nuance. The romantic atmosphere will be guaranteed as long as you spend time together at this place.
Kampung Sampireun located on Jl Raya Samarang Kamojang, District Samarang, Garut, West Java, or about 6 hours from the capital. This place is perfect for couples in love spending time together. Located at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level, the cool air will envelop you both. This place was at the top of the lake, so you can spend time as a couple on a boat with green natural.
This place has 22 bungalows that are above the edges of the lake. With around Rp 400 thousand to millions of rupiah, you can spend time with friends and enjoy the feel of Sundanese-style romance.

9. Ora Island, Maluku
Ora Island in North Maluku no less beautiful with the Maldives. Moreover, in this island resort above the sea as a special place for the newlyweds. Want to try?
The trip to this island is not easy and takes a long time. However, its beauty will make you both for its beauty stunned silence. Nan clear turquoise seas, becoming the main dish on the island. Underwater nature was really rich!
You can enjoy a longer Ora Island with overnight stay at the resort wood. Uniquely, this resort is not located on land, but directly over the sea. So, when you open the room door in the morning, the sea water as if to invite you to play along. Especially during the day, there are beautiful fish that is evident as you relax on the terrace resornya. Guaranteed, you will getan unforgettable experience there.

10. Moyo Island, West Nusa Tenggara
One more place honeymoon filled with nuance and beautiful beaches, the island of Moyo in NTB. Lots of fun activities that can be done by you and your partner are currently at this location. Start of trekking, diving, to sailing.
Yes, you can explore the jungle as a couple. This will provide sensation for your honeymoon. In addition, oceans and beaches are also very beautiful. The beaches are also still maintained the cleanliness and beauty, honeymoon so you will feel comfortable and pleasant.
One of the resorts on the island of Moyo is Amanwana. Although the price reached Rp 8 million per night, guaranteed you will not regret. With the shape of the building resembles a tent, you will spend the night with a couple in the middle of the natural beauty. When you wake in the morning, the white sand will welcome you. Her hotel was very quiet and the atmosphere will not be forgotten.