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Holiday in Toulouse France

Monday, February 1, 2016

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Toulouse France Looking for family vacations that combines spatial adventures,very beautiful and diffrent experiences and the great outdoors?Then it is to the midi - pyrenees that you must go.Discover family friendly toulouse before you veer off the beaten track and discover the splendid beauty of picturesque landscapes and stunning locales that the region is famous for.

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Toulouse offers two fascinating attractions for kids.Space discoveries await you at the Cite de L'Espace an adventure park and a happy hunting ground for family outings.Encounter the cosmos ai its IMAX cinema or discover unkown astronomical worlds at the vaulted 360 degree screen of its planetarium.Surprising encounters and meteorite views await you at the Mir station onboard the soyuz spacecraft or at the ariane 5 rocket.

Aviation history comes alive at the aeroscopia museum located next to the airbus factory.Admire a collection of aircraft,go behind the scenes of an airplane or navi gate your own flight thanks to a simulator session.
At an easy 2 hours access from toulouse,spiritual louders nestled at the foot of the impressive pyrenees is a perfect gateway for mountain discoveries and also offers accommodation options aplenty.The pyrenees range that stretch for an impressive 400 kms between the atlantic ocean and the mediterranean sea are a veritable paradise for encounters with unspoilt landscapes,hikes and trails and rejuvenating experiences.

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