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Krakow - Roast & Toast

Friday, February 26, 2016

Dearest friends,

Today I will tell you about a newly opened place in Kraków,  dead center in Stare Miasto (Old Town) district. Close to the Teatr Bagatela station, a month or so back, "Roast & Toast" opened its doors. I passed it a couple of times before going in and having a look about the place and checking it's goods. One evening though,  I ventured in and scrutinised their menu. The place seems simple and it's concept quite straightforward: fast healthy snacks for hungry people passing by (be it locals or foreigners). I went for the "Klubowy" toast and some orange juice from Cappy. I must admit that the place looks lovely and well organized and clean, yet after the experience I had I am not sure I would like to go again and try something more... the lady who was serving was a total turn - off :/ 
Even on their Facebook page they have an advertisement that they are looking for waitresses and I really believe that having a good person who serves the client is the most important (after the kick arse food). The lady who served me was most definitely a beginner/newbie - maybe even her first day there?! I asked for the toast sandwich and for some orange juice (Cappy) and she got blocked... she could not tell me how much the juice was - bare in mind that I was actually making this conversation in Polish and that I am 99% sure that the questions I was asking were correctly formulated :/ She was not able to look at the computer and say how much the juice costs. I had a short look on the menu - which is very clean and well built, not to mention it is both in Polish and English (extra points for that!), and found the bottle of juice to cost 4 zloty. I informed the young lady and she was still not sure, and she called for the cook in the kitchen to show her how to get the correct price - which was the one I gave her ;) Then it came the time of doing the sandwich - now I am not sure if this was her first sandwich but at a certain point I was wondering if I should ask her to let me do it myself... Thank God I was not in a rush and there was no queue...Then came the toasting of the bread - what I can tell you was that the toasted bread was NOT toasted and it made me think I was NOT the worst cook in the world...
On the bright side, the place is very clean and looks nice; you even have places to sit down and eat the toasts there. The ingredients in my sandwich looked and tasted very fresh, but the lady who served was one of the worst ones I have seen :/ and not even an "I am sorry!"was heard from her... God! I forgot to mention when she wanted to cut the sandwich/toast in half and the knife would not cut and she butchered the whole thing... I would have made a better one at home! And I have 2 left hands when it comes to cooking!

The prices:
- you can see the full menu above. My toast was 8 zloty + orange juice 4 zloty = 12 zloty total
Apparently they have also salads and zapiekanka (traditional polish "pizza"on half of a bread). They also have shakes, icecream and homemade broth... but I am not sure I wanna try something else again... I am sorry "Roast & Toast" but you were a huge dissapointment!

Have you ever been to "Roast & Toast"? I wonder if you had a similar experience - I see that on Facebook they are quite popular: out of 11 reviews they have a score of 4.6 stars out of 5; yet no comments whatsoever... something is wrong there!

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that will always tell you the truth, even when it hurts!