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Save Seahorses. Eat Guylian Chocolates!

Friday, April 8, 2016

My dearest hearts,

My dear, lovely, amazing and talented sister visted us for the Catholic Easter (Resurrection Day) we have just celebrated a while back, and of course she brought loads of goodies along. She lives and works in Brussels and of course the Guylian Chocolates had made the list of the "Must bring along". Now I am not a huge fan of chocolate and sweets, like my better half is, but I do enjoy good/great chocolate when I see it. Among the best chocolate I have ever ate was the one I bought in Zurich at Sprungli and the one I ate in Brussels from Guylian. I knew of this brand before going to Brussels due to the irregular shape of their pralines and the beautiful packaging. You can find Guylian both in Romania and Poland at huge supermarkets like Kaufland and Carrefour - and it's always a treat! I especially like the "Original Sea Shells" box, beautifully crafted with a blend of fine white, milk and dark Belgian Chocolate that just melts in your mouth and makes your taste buds feel like in Heaven! I should mention the inside is filled with original in house roasted hazelnut praline... only thinking of it makes my mouth water! But the cutest thing in the boxed sets is the ocasional seahorse shaped praline, that I always must have ;)))
Now I have ate the seahorses a couple of dozen times throughout the years yet I never knew there was a story behind it! I never knew that by eating the tiny, delicate and sweet seahorses I was in fact saving them! What I revelation I had when I opened the "Belgian Classics - Celebrate" selection when I saw a leaflet about the Guylian Chocolates. A part of it was dedicated to the Project Seahorse. Let's face it: Saving the seahorses means saving the sea; saving the wildlife! You never know the power you have and the benefits you bring to the society while eating chocolate! Now I was enjoying the enlightenment of finding out that everytime one buys the Guylian Chocolates you are supporting Project Seahorse, an international Marine Conservation Organization. They protect these magical creatures (and I consider them magical too, just like the unicorns are!) and other vital marine life around the world by sharing their seahorse observations on this site ( That is a beautiful online "citizen science" tool that allows anyone, anywhere in the world to contribute to the seahorse science and conservation program. It is important to mention that Guylian has been providing vital support for this work, for this beautiful cause, since 1998! If you wish to know more, you can also check out the Project Seahorse site ( And don't forget, eating Guylian Chocolates helps save the magical seahorses! Save Seahorses, eat chocolate!

Yours sincerely, 
The Twisted Red LadyBug that loves Guylian Chocolates and the magical seahorses