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Warsaw - Shabby Chic Coffee and Wine Bar

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dearest honey buns,

When I think about Warsaw usually think of Second World War, Warsaw Uprising, the church that holds Chopin's heart and the way that this city managed to rebuild itself from the ashes, just like a Phoenix! I love that even though none of the buildings are more than 60 years old they still remind you of what was and what happened. The flow of history is ever present here. But that does not mean that at the same time Warsaw is on top of its game, ever changing and reconstructing and bringing the latest technologies - it is a city of contrasts, a city of speed and a city where people need to have their quality time; hence the scattered "hidden gems" as I like to call them :) The Shabby Chic Coffee and Wine Bar is one such gem that I was lucky to bump into - in a very cold and windy morning in December. It was an oasis of joy and I wish to revisit it in the summertime! Mark your agendas as you can find this beautiful place in the Old Town on Piwna 20/26 ;)
Shabby Chic Coffee and Wine Bar is reminiscent of the style of shabby chic (shabby chic means decor using old or antiqued furniture covered with several layers of delicately translucent paint with dominant pastel colors of pink, beige, yellow and blue). The Coffee & Wine Bar is exactly just that and maybe more ;) With only a bit over a dozen places to sit and enjoy your drink and snack, it's a delicate corner inside the Warsaw Old Town. It comes with its own free and stable WiFi & adorable background music that places your in a light and giddy mood.
 Kudos to the funy and friendly waiter and waitress that guided us through the menu and the option of teas and hot chocolate and homemade goodies! I have rarely seen such a nice couple of people, making eachother laugh and having a good time while working and making other people happy as well. I have to admit the hot tea was great and it warmed me inside out (it was December...) and my friend agreed that she had one of the best hot chocolates ever!
Both the interior and the exterior of the Shabby Chic Coffee and Wine Bar is inviting: warm and welcoming!
The Shabby Chic Coffee and Wine Bar is quite a popular place, when you check TripAdvisor and Facebook Pages. On TripAdvisor it has 66 reviews and a total of 4.5 stars out of 5. It is also listed as #1 of 65 Coffee & Tea in Warsaw and #104 of 1,836 Places to Eat in Warsaw.
The prices:
- coffee, brewed from 100% fresh roasted Arabica beans (multiple blends available) - options vary between 7 zloty for an espresso and 14 zloty for a mocha
- tea - large assortment so depending on the type it can be between 9 and 11 zloty a pot of tea
- hot chocolate - 12 zloty
- hot choco with whipped cream and marshmallow - 14 zloty 
- freshly squeezed juices - 12 zloty
- smoothies and frappe's - 14 zloty
- water - 5 zloty
- house wines - you can buy a glass for 10 zloty, a 250 ml carafe for 15 zloty or a half litre one for 25 zloty
- regional beer - different flavours - 9 zloty
- cheesecake - 13 zloty
- diverse other homemade tarts and cakes range from 12 to 15 zloty per piece, according to the ingredients 
Have you ever been to the Shabby Chic Coffee and Wine Bar in Warsaw? Dead center in the middle of the Old Town is the perfect stop for a lovely break. For sure you will love the energy vibes coming from the place and the amazingly well done sweets. Would live to hear from you if you are planning to go to Warsaw - there are a lot of other tips and tricks I could tell you about, places you should see and things you should try ;) feel free to contact me

Yours truly,
The Twisted Red LadyBug that always enjoys Warsaw :)