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NYC Packing List

Monday, May 23, 2016

It feels like we have been planning this trip for so long . A trip back to New York to celebrate my beautiful mamma turning the big 5-0. We've got a few surprises planned along the way, but we're so excited to experience more of the 'New York tourist' this time around.

With only 5 days until we begin our trip, I wanted to start thinking about the right outfits to take with me. NYC weather is currently showing at 24 -27 degrees (c) for May/June, which may not seem that hot to some people but the weather in NYC is unlike no other from my experience - you need to dress for practicality and style.  

NYC Packing List

Let's hope that my (mainly) staple Topshop and H&M finds will stand the test of time! And don't forget that if you have any tips on good finds in NYC, to please comment below or tweet me @eattravellove.