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Beautiful Wedding Guest Dresses

Sunday, June 12, 2016

It's that time of the year again, when the wedding invites for friends, family and long lost acquaintances land through your letter box. 

A couple of years ago, there wasn't one weekend in the whole of August that we weren't attending a wedding. Not that I am complaining, nothing brings me more joy than seeing the love and happiness that exuded on a couples special day - especially on my own.

So, having two invites myself, I have began looking at wedding guest dresses for the '2016 wedding season'.     
Starting with ASOS, as they are without a doubt my go-to website for the majority of my clothes. From petite to tall to plus size, their wedding outfits are absolutely beautiful and have a range and budget to suit everyone.

1. ASOS Wedding Floral Printed Dresses / 2. Lovedrobe Cape Overlay Plus Size Maxi Dress / 3. ASOS Soft Off The Shoulder Bardot Midi Prom Dress / 4. Coast Kyla Dress With Embellished Waist in Blush / 5. ASOS Premium Lace Midi Pencil Dress With Contrast Seams

This would never usually be a brand that I would consider, however after seeing other bloggers talk about Pretty Little Things and their wedding guest dresses, I probably never would have considered them. Their wedding collection isn't as expensive as ASOS or Topshop and also offers up a whole host of classic chiffons or sultry shapes.

Personally, you can't beat Topshop for a pretty summer wedding dress. From lace inserts to strappy florals to subtle metallics. I am in love with the majority of their wedding guest dress collection (try saying that 3 x faster).

There you have it - my pick of of dresses for the wedding season. Which would you choose and do you have a favourite retailer who is your 'go-to' for the perfect 'wedding guest dress' ?!