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Four of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth to Visit

http://lizardmeanders.blogspot.com/God has surely blessed us with a wonderful and amazing world. A world blessed with many magnificent and beautiful sights that words can never describe. However, a lot of us live in modern cities filled with tall sky scrapers and bustling streets. That is why we tend to miss out what God has showered upon us and what Mother Nature has to show.

There are surely a lot of beautiful places around the world that an article alone cannot describe all of them. Nonetheless, it does not mean that we cannot check out some of them. Listed below are four beautiful places that the world has to offer.

1. The Grand Canyon

This place is surely known all over the world, and this may be a very old tourist attraction it still offers a great view that will surely amaze you and render you speechless of such beauty that it offers. The Grand Canyon stretches about 445 kilometers in length, 7 to 29 kilometers in width and about 1.5 kilometers deep.

One amazing fact about the Grand Canyon is that it was created by the Colorado River over a six million period through rock erosion.

2. Skardu Valley

Skardu Valley is located in the northern part of Pakistan. This amazing place is part of a little town called Baltistan, which is spread over an area of about 26, 000 square kilometers. Skardu Valley is situated in the banks of the Indus River which is 8 kilometers above the Shigar River. A vast valley coupled with perched heights that reach 7,500 feet above. Skardu valley gives a cool and bracing climate that you will surely enjoy especially early in the morning.

One historical site that you can visit in Skardu is the Kharfocho Fort. Gralpos, One of the most famous monarchs of Skardu built this fort after he conquered Laddakh in the 16th century.

3. Cape Town

Not only are the scenery and the tourist spots here beautiful but the city itself is full of amazing wonders. Located in South Africa and famously known as "Heaven on Earth." Surrounded with huge mountains and amazing sites, this place will seize to amaze you.

Cape Town may be considered as a bustling city in itself but one amazing fact about their building that it has an architectural background deeply rooted to its heritage. The weather here in Cape Town is cool but comfy. Temperatures that range from 45 to 63 degrees Fahrenheit couple with warm coffee in the morning an adventure here in Cape Town is surely worth it.

4. Machu Picchu

http://lizardmeanders.blogspot.com/Well, if you are the type that loves historical and ancient sites, then Machu Picchu is a perfect place for you. A very beautiful place that is rich in traditions and history. Machu Picchu is located about 2.5 kilometers above sea level. This is a place situated in the mountain ridge just above the Urubamba Valley in Peru.

Machu Picchu basically means "Old Peak" and was built by the Inca people long ago and was considered a very sacred place. The structures are made of granite, which can weight about 50 tons in average. It is really amazing to know that these marvelous structures were built by the Inca people who lived in the 14th century.
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